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Moonlight Pendant: Sterling Silver

Take a full moon, one vast cloudless night sky and some lightly rippled water to reflect the moon's glow.. this was the inspiration for our Moonlight Earrings and Pendant.

Rippling water cast from sterling silver and 14k gold plating, with a gorgeous natural-pearl moon centrepiece, this pendant is quickly proving to be one of our most popular treasures.

Perfect as individual piece or as a set with the Moonlight Earrings, this collection is ready and waiting to become a cherished addition to your jewellery box.

Note: Chain not included. This is because many of our customers told us they already have a chain and so would prefer the pendant at a lower price without chain. You can add a matching Italian Sterling Silver chain at a discounted price above.

Materials: 925 Italian sterling silver with 14K gold plating and natural seashell

Pendant size - 2.5cm/0.9inches

Weight: 5g

Environmentally sound production process.


Satisfaction guarantee

We strongly recommend removing your jewellery before engaging in activities that can lead to prolonged contact with moisture or friction (ie: washing your hands, swimming and showering) to prolong life and maintain lustre.

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