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    Dealla - Ring Keeper Necklace - Sterling Silver

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    Surgeons, nurses, doctors, chefs, bakers, gardeners, vets, climbers, carpenters, artists: are you looking for a safe place to carry your unworn ring?

    Supplied on a reinforced 45cm solid sterling silver chain and crafted from a premium, non-abrasive 925 sterling silver, this necklace is designed to elegantly protect the most precious of rings, all day long.

    Our Dealla Necklace acts as the perfect ring keeper - you don't even have to remove the necklace to attach the ring. Perfect for safely storing your precious ring all day long.

    Our Dealla Necklace takes its name from the ancient Irish word for 'protector'. This necklace is perfect for anyone looking for a safe place to carry their unworn ring.
    Designed to hold your rings when you take them off, this minimal, geometric pendant is perfect for everyday wear.


    Pendant - Solid 925 sterling silver
    Chain - Solid 925 sterling silver

    Measurements:Pendant - 4cm length by 2.2cm width
    Chain length - 45cm

    Weight: 3.5g

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