What colours go well with gold jewellery?

Apr 09, 2021Sam Perrins
What colours go well with gold jewellery? | Pixie Wing

Are you using colour to make the most of your gold jewellery?

Gold jewellery can be classic, elegant… and expensive

So, whether you have the real deal or something more affordable, we want to help you get the most out of your little gold treasures by using colour the right way.


The meaning of gold

Gold is a glamorous colour. For many people, it symbolises wealth, riches, celebration and good times.

As a colour itself, gold can be symbolic of power and prosperity. It signifies superior quality and achievement, with gold medals being awarded to Olympic champions.

Gold is also the official anniversary metal for those celebrating fifty years of marriage - what could be a better symbol of longevity?

The only caveat and caution to be considered with gold is that when used or worn in excess, it can be seen as a sign of excessive materialism, greed or even vulgarity. 


The colour gold

Metallic gold doesn’t feature on the traditional colour wheel, but non-metallic gold or ‘golden’ does.

It’s a deep, rich, warm yellow colour that sits between yellow-orange and yellow on the colour wheel. Understanding the position of gold on the colour wheel helps us understand its relationship with other colours, especially complimentary ones.


Which colours to wear with gold

The complimentary colour for gold (which is worked out by looking at what is opposite it on the colour wheel) is blue, and depending on the shade of gold may be purple-blue.

It’s for this reason that gold jewellery goes really well with dark blue.

But if blue isn’t your colour, then do not fear – as there are lots of other colours that go really well with this versatile precious metal too!

 colour with gold blue

Dark blue and gold - a match that's centuries old


A personal favourite of my wardrobe is black and it just so happens that gold pieces look stunning with black.

gold with cream colour
Pair gold and black for an elegant look


Towards the other end of the monochrome spectrum, gold also looks lovely and very elegant with cream.

gold and cream colour
A gold bracelet and cream top pair well together


gold cream colour goes well
Gold and cream - a perfect match


If your wardrobe is a little more colourful then other good colours to complement your gold jewellery are emerald green, red and dark purple.

purple goes well gold
Purple and gold - modern sophistication


For those of you out there with a bit of flare to your wardrobe – why not wear your gold with other metallic colours?

If you’re not afraid to switch it up then mix your gold jewellery with silver clothes for a popping look.

Conversely, for a clean and put together look that sings of luxury wear your gold with gold!

gold with silver goes well
Gold pairs well with gold - a bold statement that speaks volumes

And of course, that little secret that everybody knows – gold always looks better with a sun tan.  

If you’re lucky enough to have sunshine in your life, please make sure you wear sun cream and tan safely.

But if you’re like us and don't live where the sun shines most of the year… there’s nothing wrong with getting that tan out of a bottle!


Colours that don't go well with gold jewellery

Although gold jewellery can go with almost every colour if put together right, there are a few colours to be careful with.

In our experience gold and yellow often clash and are a very tricky combination to get right.

Another combination that can be hard to get right is gold with brown.

This combination can look timeless, elegant and classy but sometimes can just look drab and boring. Balance is the key here, but also skin tone can play a part.

Finally, very bright or neon colours can also be a problem, and may end up making your gold jewellery look a bit… how shall we say… tacky.


Other tips for wearing gold

1. Let each piece shine

Sometimes it can be tempting to wear lots of beautiful pieces of jewellery all at once but by doing that it can actually detract from each item.

We recommend choosing one main piece and really showcasing it.

This doesn’t mean you can’t wear more than once piece of jewellery at a time, but when choosing the other items, think about what will complement the star of the show, rather than detract from it.

An uncluttered look can be hard to achieve but the sophistication and style it brings is worth the effort!


2. Mix your metals

Whilst wearing different types of metal in a single look used to be a big no no, times have changed.

Wearing more than one colour of metal can create quite a striking look.

It’s important however, to keep the look cohesive. This can be achieved by matching contemporary, modern pieces with one another, or putting vintage, quirky pieces together, keeping your look eclectic but put together.

Another way is to wear jewellery that mixes metal colours within the piece itself such as these items on Pixie Wing.


moonlight earrings gold silver
The Moonlight Earrings - Iolanthe™ Collection

whale gold silver necklace
The Whale Necklace - Iolanthe™ Collection



Make a statement

Gold jewellery can be perfect for wearing as a statement piece.

Bold, chunky designs or more unusual, quirky pieces are perfect for this kind of look. You can wear them with just about any outfit but remember to plan the outfit around the jewellery.

Wearing plain, rather than patterned, clothes can help draw attention to your jewellery and with earrings and necklaces it’s important to think about the neckline of the top or dress you’re wearing.


If in doubt, wear what you love

Fashion trends come and go but your staple gold pieces will hopefully be with you for a lifetime.

And the good news is, gold jewellery never really goes out of style!

If you’re worried that your favourite piece of jewellery is a bit outdated or old fashioned then try mixing it with other items in your jewellery box.

Wearing fresh, stylish clothes can also create a contemporary look that can complement your classic piece of jewellery.



Gold jewellery is warm and forgiving, it’s classic and elegant.

So, whether you want to wear it with your little black dress, your cream ballgown, your emerald green velvet jumpsuit, your sparkling silver sequinned mini dress, or just your faithful red wooly cardigan, your gold jewellery will be there to add the extra class to your look.

Just remember to choose one piece to make the star of the show and plan the rest of your outfit around it ;)



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