About Us

A small family store, with global reach.

Back in 2017, we were on an expedition. 

We wanted to find great crafts people to work with as part of our new treasure trove - Pixie Wing.

We felt that to do things right, we needed to get out there and experience the cultures that made these treasures what they are. 

From the foothills of the Himalayas to the markets of Indonesia, we've searched high and low for skilled, ethical craftspeople to work with who are able to create genuinely stunning jewellery at reasonable prices.

We worked hard to nurture relationships with these craftspeople.

The result, is Pixie Wing.

Where are we based?

We have staff working for Pixie Wing worldwide, including the USA, UK, The Philippines and New Zealand.

Pixie Wing is registered within the UK, which is where our offices are, but we also have a physical office in New Zealand - we guess you could say we're international, but we think that sounds a bit too grand. We're a modest team with wholesome values.

Where do our treasures ship from?

Direct from the jewellery makers...

...which can be many different places. We have built up relationships in a whole host of different regions during our product research and now ship from multiple countries including USA, Italy, Slovenia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia, China, Nepal and Japan.

Our Mission

Is and has always been, to provide great, quality products sourced direct from the best suppliers. Offered to you at a great price. With a first-class customer support experience that every customer will love

Our Promise

To do our very best to make sure you keep coming back to shop with us, we promise to ship for free and provide a generous guarantee & returns policy

Our Essence

At our core, we operate with honesty, transparency, openness and with a smile

Our Vibe

Great modern products provided at a price our customers love. We're all about the caring and building friends as well as regular customers


Which means:


✔️ Real People Answering Emails and Phone Calls

✔️ Real Product Support

✔️ Genuinely Free Shipping

✔️ A Generous Returns Policy

✔️ No Hidden Costs


Want to know more about us, our products or just want to have a chat?

Send us an email: info@pixiewing.com