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Iolanthe™ Mediterranean Village Earrings: Sterling Silver

  • Premium Sterling Silver
  • 365 Day Warranty
  • 30-Day Returns
  • Free Shipping Worldwide
Our delightful Mediterranean Village Earrings take inspiration from the sleepy villages of the Mediterranean. Designed in Corsica the cute and rather unusual earrings are proving to be one of our most popular little treasures.

Featuring a fully customisable height adjustment - wear them at the level you want for a truly unique look.

Handmade from premium 925 Italian sterling silver with 14K gold plating and natural seashell, this little treasure is something to behold

Materials: 925 Italian sterling silver with 14K gold plating


Satisfaction guarantee

We strongly recommend removing your jewellery before engaging in activities that can lead to prolonged contact with moisture or friction (ie: washing your hands, swimming and showering) to prolong life and maintain lustre.

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