Iolanthe™ 'Two Bees Earrings': Sterling Silver

Introducing the Two Bees Earrings - New for 2021!

Bees... perhaps the most important little critters in existence, and also we reckon one of the cutest!

Our designers love bees so much, they designed the beautiful Two Bees Earrings: super-cute, unique and part of our premium Iolanthe™ Collection.

Each one is handmade from premium quality 925 Sterling Silver by our highly skilled jewellery makers.


The Iolanthe™ Collection

We're very proud of our premium Iolanthe™ Collection.

Every item in this range is painstakingly handmade from the highest quality 925 Sterling Silver and features accents of gemstone, sapphire, seashell and gold plating.