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"Works perfectly, seems super high quality. Wear it in the shower, in the gym at work, in bed - love it and the way it works. Very pleased."


Vesta Review
Instagram™ - @fit-tessieg

"Precisely what I was looking for. Amazingly convenient for working in a hospital"


Nordika Review
- Rachel D.

"Absolutely love mine - exceptional quality and the design is genius"


Nordika Review
Instagram™ - @sophieleighz

"These Ring Keepers are a game changer! I’ve pretty much not taken the necklace off since it arrived in the post!"


Nordika Review
- @yourvetlianne



Nordika, Vesta and Embody Ring Keepers:
No minimum size.
Maximum size: These Ring Keepers can accommodate the majority of rings sizes but do have an upper limit which is indicated under the product details section on each product page.

Men's Ring Keeper:
Our Men's Ring Keeper has no maximum size or minimum size.

Nordika, Vesta and Embody Ring Keepers: All feature solid sterling silver with platinum plating for resistance against tarnish. Each necklace has the option of an 18k gold dip.

Men's Ring Keeper:
Made from solid stainless steel, chosen for its unrivaled strength and resilience against harsh environments.

Very safe indeed.

A ring can come off a necklace in two ways. The first is if the ring retraces its route on the necklace. This is nearly impossible due to gravity and would require the ring and pendant to move upward while threading sideways. To our knowledge, this has never occurred amongst our 20,000 customers and certainly hasn't happened during our extensive product testing.

Second, a ring may come off if the chain breaks. As of June 2023, all our chains are reinforced wheat chains with exceptionally tough interwoven links. While chain breakage is theoretically possible, it's highly unlikely for all but the most extreme users. To date, we are unaware of any instances of our wheat chains breaking.

We provide a no-fuss 2-year warranty on the workmanship and materials, including the unlikely event of chain breakage.

Simply contact us at info@pixiewing.com with a photo of the issue and we will arrange for a replacement or refund.