How to pick the perfect jewellery gift for your Bridesmaids

May 18, 2021Sam Perrins
How to pick the perfect jewellery gift for your Bridesmaids | Pixie Wing


As potentially one of the most stressful events of your life, but also of course, one of the most special, memorable and beautiful, your wedding comes with a long list of things to do and consider.

Whilst it probably won’t feature as your number one task on your seemingly ever-expanding list of to-do items for your big day, choosing jewellery gifts for your Bridesmaids should probably future in there somewhere.

Chances are, you owe quite a lot to your bridesmaids. They been with your through thick and thin. They helped you plan your big day, they’ll be there to see you down the aisle and they’ll probably be there for you whenever you need them in future. So you may want to gift some jewellery to your bridesmaids.

Many brides choose to show their appreciation for the work and devotion that their ‘maids put in by gifting them each a special piece of jewellery.

But special doesn’t have to mean expensive.

Nor does it need to be completely individual to each ‘maid.

Often, something that just shows that you’ve thought and considered their tastes is more than enough to show them just how much you appreciate their friendship and support on your special day. 

The popularity of jewellery gifts for bridesmaids continues to grow in 2021 and whilst many traditionalists opt for monogrammed robes or pyjamas, those who want to be a little more original are starting to choose the jewellery option.


Which jewellery style makes the perfect bridesmaid gift?


Studs and Rings

Simple studs and elegant rings are the go-to pieces for anyone who knows a thing or two about choosing for a variety of tastes and these are both superb options almost every bridesmaid would appreciate.



Pendant necklaces offer you as a gift-giver something a little more symbolic.

For centuries, pendants have been used by those who wear them as a way of making statement, either bold or more subtle, about the things in life that are important to them.

The way a pendant hangs central across the body, close to the heart, sends a subconscious message that what it represents is of significance to the wearer.

As a gift-giver you can embrace the pendant option as a way of making more of statement. A great option if you and your bridesmaids have a significant shared memory, experience or a value you all share.



Another popular way to personalise a bridesmaid jewellery gift is to give them a piece of jewellery that features their birthstone.

Gemstones are a current jewellery trend that feel fresh to wear every day. They tend not to have ever been unfashionable too, so they offer a timeless option, similar to elegant rings and studs.


Gifting your bridesmaid their outfit jewellery

It’s a time-honoured tradition to gift the jewellery you’ve either asked your bridesmaids to purchase, or that you’ve already purchased yourself for them to wear on your wedding day, as part of their bridesmaid dress and accessory package.

Either way, it often feels like the right thing to allow them to keep the jewellery they’ve worn for your wedding day.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t gift them something in addition to those pieces. 

The drawback with bridesmaid-uniform jewellery is that it may not be unique to the individual bridesmaid, or it could be viewed as too simple for a special gift, as you probably chose it so that it subtly complimented your big day, rather than sang about them as individuals.

The obvious alternative is to be a little more free in terms of what you choose for your bridesmaids to wear for your wedding day.

Perhaps there is an opportunity to be less traditional and give them the chance to choose their own jewellery (within some guidelines set by you).

You then have the option of gifting them this jewellery. This can work well as they get something they have themselves chosen to wear, you get bridesmaids who are all wearing some lovely pieces on your wedding day and of course, you’ve kindly gifted them the piece as well, showing your gratitude.


Buying separately or the same jewellery gift

 We would certainly say that you shouldn’t feel like you have to give your bridesmaids the same jewellery gifts. If one is more of a ring lover and another is devoted to her ring statement pendants, give them what they’d really want!

It’s probably a good idea to be sure to keep each piece at a similar size so as not to suggest favouritism.

We’ve all heard stories about upset bridesmaids with hurt feelings and no one wants that scenario.

If you do choose to gift different pieces of jewellery to each bridesmaid, based on their various styles and tastes, you’ll show how well you know each one of them and the individual thought that’s gone into choosing each piece will no doubt be recognised.

The drawback for you is that it can take a little more time to choose as you’ll be picking out several pieces of jewellery. To help you out, we’ve put together the following list of our staff favourites at Pixie Wing, some from our favourite independent sites, as well as some suggestions from our most avid subscribers. 

bridesmaid gift wedding jewellery ring necklace  

Bridesmaid jewellery gifts - top picks


 bridesmaid jewellery gift stud

EAR STUD FLOWERS - $399 - Thomas Sabo

A super-special option for those who can afford it, we think these studs are just wonderful. 


Or something a little less traditional:


bridesmaid gift stud

SPALSH EAR STUD - $42.99 - Pixie Wing

Who said bridesmaid jewellery can't be a little fun as well as sophisticated - these studs pull that off perfectly.



First huge tip here – go for adjustable rings. It’s unlikely you’ll know the ring size and you don’t want to be worrying about returns after you handover your gift.

Keep life simple and go for one of these adjustable options: 


bridesmaid ring gift silver jewellery


RENAISSANCE RING - $37.99 - Pixie Wing

A superbly simple, yet eye-catching option would be something like this affordable Renaissance Ring - made from sterling silver. 


If you’d like to combine personalised gemstones in your ring gifts, a great site to take a look at is SVP Jewellery. They specialise in adjustable rings with gemstone features.


Rings don’t have to be simple...


bridesmaid jewellery gift ring silver leaf


SILVER & GOLF LEAF RING - $49.99 - Pixie Wing

A ring that makes a little more of a statement is always a possible option and this one in sterling silver is no exception




At Pixie Wing, we’ve got a varied range of pendants that carry meaning – perfect if you’re looking for something to signify a shared experience or value.

Our absolute favourite for those looking to gift their bridesmaids with a minimalist and truly timeless piece is The Pentad Pendant.

pentad pendant bridesmaid gift jewellery

THE PENTAD PENDANT - $49.99 - Pixie Wing

Angular triple-polished seashell set inside a geometric sterling silver housing. Delightful.


afternoon tea necklace bridesmaid gift jewellery silver


The Afternoon Tea Necklace hits the spot for bridesmaids who love their tea – a huge hit with classic personalities who appreciate something cute and timeless. 



THE WHALE NECKLACE- $79.99 - Pixie Wing

With more and more people reflecting on the importance of our marine wildlife, this Whale Necklace is a wonderful gift for bridesmaids who are ecologically minded or just love cute pendants – with every purchase a donation of 10% is made to Save the Whales™.


And what about for the bridesmaid who is something of an artist themselves?



A popular choice for anyone with a creative streak is the Pencil Shaving Necklace. Totally unique – we’ve never seen anything quite like it.


Sticking with the nautical theme, and perfect for weddings by the sea or for those who have shared memories of being on the water...

THE SAILBOAT NECKLACE- $79.99 - Pixie Wing

The Sailboat Necklace. Like the pendants above, this one is made from sterling silver with 14k gold plated accents. Perfect as a bridesmaid jewellery gift that’s just a little bit special.


Birth Gemstones

The Gem Society have put together a really useful guide on choosing gemstones by birth month.

A note of caution:
Whilst this option is particularly fashionable in 2021, it does come with some drawbacks – perhaps the most glaring one being that if you have a bridesmaid who was born in April (diamond), they are going to end up costing you significantly more than your bridesmaid born in December (blue zircon).



Choosing a gift for your bridesmaids can be a little overwhelming and often gets lost in all the tasks that need your attention before your big day.

Choosing individual, personalised gifts such as birth gemstones or shared memory pendants are a super way of showing that you really know and care about the person.

But equally, gifting all your bridesmaids the same, simple piece that is well made and sourced ethically shows your appreciation in spades.



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