How to Quickly Untangle a Knotted Necklace Chain: 7 Easy Steps

Mar 24, 2021Sam Perrins
How to Quickly Untangle a Knotted Necklace Chain: 7 Easy Steps | Pixie Wing

A Tangled Necklace Chain - We've All Been There


It just makes you want to cry.

When you find THE necklace that you want to wear...

your all-time favourite which you found on Pinterest last Autumn...

the one that’s perfect for your outfit.


it’s tangled up beyond recognition... and you’re already running late…

We've all been there, and whether you’re in a rush or have all the time in the world, untangling necklaces can be painful (I’ll be honest, I’m not the most patient girl in the world…)

 Necklace Tangled Knotted Remove

But, the good news is: untangling knots from a necklace chain doesn’t have to be so hard!

By following these easy steps, your chain can be untangled and free in just a minute! 

The only question you need to ask yourself is: to lube or not to lube?

Lots of people talk about 4 or 5 different ways to untangle a necklace chain, but really there is just one way… 

The only difference is whether you want to remove those knots dry, or with a little help from some talc (baby powder); some oil (olive oil, baby oil, massage oil, whatever you’ve got lying around); or even some glass cleaner (e.g. windex).



Here’s How To Untangle Knots from a Necklace Chain:

We've put together a short video taking you through each step: 

 Featured necklace: The Pencil Shaving Pendant


Step 1

- Unclasp the necklace and lay it on a clean smooth surface e.g. kitchen countertop

 How Untangle Knots Necklace Chain

Step 2

Apply the talc, oil or glass cleaner to the knot (or not, if you’re keeping things clean)

 How Untangle Knots Necklace Chain Oil

Step 3

Gently massage the necklace chain knot, being careful not to pull on the chain and tighten it further

 How Untangle Knots Necklace Chain

Step 4

Start to tease apart the knot, starting from the centre if possible, or otherwise start with the parts that are getting loose easily


Step 5

If the necklace chain knot is very stubborn or the chain is very fine, use a safety pin/needle (or two) to help pull the knot apart and guide the chain through the loops. Sometimes it’s best to put the pin through the middle of the knot and use your fingers or another pin to delicately tease out the chain

 How Untangle Knots Necklace Chain

Step 6

Once the knot is out, wash the necklace with a mild soap


Step 7

Gently pat the necklace dry   


Step 8

Put your necklace on and carry on with your day looking FABULOUS!!




* Use lubricant in the form of baby powder, olive oil or glass cleaner


* Use a pin or two to help untangle the necklace chain knot


* Placing the tangled necklace on a black or white background can help you see the knots better


* Make sure there’s plenty of light for you to see the tangle clearly



Our Favourite Oil for Untangling Knots...


Here at Pixie Wing, we did a little poll to see which necklace lubrication our ladies prefer…

        …and the overwhelming majority of us use olive oil!

It’s easily available and effective at getting those kinks out– so thumbs up from us! 



Necklace Chain Knots: Frequently Asked Questions


Q: “I did everything above, I’ve tried various different lubricants and I still can’t get the necklace knot out – what can I do??”


A: Don’t panic! There are still more things you can try. I would recommend that you should put some olive oil onto the knot, gently rub it in – you can even use a cotton bud to help make sure it gets into all the cracks – then put a wash on! Haha – you read that right. 

If you place the necklace (complete with knot and oil) onto a washing machine or tumble drier whilst it is turned on, the vibrations of the machine can help shake the knot loose… Then go back to the knot with two pins and try again to gently tease it free…



Q: “Won’t these products damage my necklace?”


A: All of the products mentioned about should be fine to use with any type of necklace, just please make sure to wash the necklace as soon as you’ve got the knot free! If your necklace is very precious or valuable it may be worth using a jewellery cleaner to wash it instead of a mild soap.



Q: “I can’t find a needle or safety pin and I’m too clumsy with my fingers, is there anything else I can use?”


A: Yes, absolutely! You could try using tweezers if you have a pair, or even a small screwdriver – just make sure to be gentle if your necklace is made of a soft metal such as gold or silver. 



Chain Tangles: Prevention is better than the cure…

I do feel that before I sign off on this post, we should talk about how to avoid necklaces becoming tangled in the first place.

Lots of people will offer you expensive jewellery organisers or necklace stands…

and those things do work well and can make your jewellery into a beautiful display…

but you don’t need to spend so much money to achieve the same thing! 

What do I use (when I remember to)?

Paper straws!

paper straw necklace chain protect tangle knot


They are super cheap and easy to get hold of. I can use them over and over again and if they become damaged then I can recycle them.

Just thread one end of the chain down the straw and when it pops out the other side, bring it together with the clasp on the other end – SO SIMPLE!

Plus, they travel really well like this, and if you have some delicate bracelets, you can just cut the straw down to the required length and use this method for your bracelets too!



Untangling a necklace that's knotted doesn't need to be difficult. With just a little patience, some oil/talc and perhaps a pin, even the most stubborn of necklace knots and tangles should come free.


Do please leave us a comment if this blog post was helpful to you or if you have any other tips on how to untangle a necklace chain knot!

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