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    General Questions

    Prices should automatically display your local currency. If we're having trouble identifying your location, the prices will revert toĀ USD as this is most widely used currency.

    Providing we can identify your location, you'll check out in your local currency.

    All our products are designed in the UK. However, so we can keep cost to consumers down, we do not craft our items here.

    We use talented fabrication teams in a variety of countries to craft our products, and you can rest assured that ethical treatment of staff and environmentally friendly processes are of great importance to us.

    When you place an order with us, we may ship directly from the UK (if the item is in stock in our warehouse), or it may ship from Indonesia or Sichuan in China.

    In 2023 we hope to begin holding stock in the USA, which will mean North American orders will ship from the States.

    Delivery estimates based on shipping origin are shown on all our product pages.

    It is a sad (but very real) fact that as of October 2020 we no longer have a physical store. The challenges of 2020 relating to the CoronavirusĀ pandemicĀ has resulted in us moving to sole online trading.

    The good news is that this means we are able to reduce the overall cost of our goods, as our overheads have been minimised.

    We like to think that this is the silver lining to what was a very grey cloud toward the end of 2020!

    Pixie Wing is registered in the United Kingdom. We have staff in several countries, with our main offices in England and New Zealand. Read moreĀ about us here.

    Our jewellery is made from premium-grade 925 Italian Sterling Silver and a thicker-than-most 18ct gold plating.

    We use accents of gemstone, pearl, seashell and zircon.

    If you have a code you can apply it at checkout. Discounts won't show until you reach the checkout stage (one step after your cart).

    You cannot use your discount code with any other offers or promotions that use discount codes themselves. This includes bundles.


    We are proud that 95% of our packaging is fully recyclable.

    Occasionally we will use a small amount of plastic when delivering to countries that have a hgiher than average delivery time, such as South Africa.

    This is to protect your product from the harmful conditions that they can sometimes be exposed to.

    We offset at least 100% of the carbon emitted from shipping your product from our warehouse to your door.

    We have a page that discusses this and the projects we support. You can visit it here.

    Shipping, Delivery & Tracking

    Yes, we can ship almost anywhere in the world. This includes all of Europe, North America and Australia/NZ, South Africa and the Middle East.

    If we are for any reason unable to ship to you, we will contact you and provide a full refund automatically.

    Full details on our shipping policy and expected times can be foundĀ here.

    If you have misspelled or auto filled in an incorrect address, simply reply to your order confirmation email and let us know of the error. Once you double check if the address given is wrong kindly notify us via email at info@pixiewing.com. If the given address is wrong we will do our best to change the address prior to dispatch.

    We sometimes see a lag in tracking information updates. Please be patient and check again in few days. If you continue to experience issues, please contact us at info@pixiewing.com.

    Firstly, it may be in your spam or promotions folder.

    Otherwise, it could be you entered your email address incorrectly - something which is a common occurrence.

    Not to worry - email us at info@pixiewing.com with your full name and delivery addressĀ and we'll update this for you.

    For a long time, we were pleased to offer free shipping to all our wonderful customers.

    Unfortunately, in Spring of 2022 we saw significant increase in our shipping costs. This meant that, regrettably, we had to apply a small fee to shipping in order to cover part of that delivery cost... it was either this or raise the price of our products.

    We're sorry if this comes as a surprise or disappointment. Should we see a sufficient reduction in shipping costs, we shall return to a free shipping rate for all orders.


    We accept returns on all unworn, undamaged items within 30 days of the purchase date.

    You are able to cancel your order with no penalty! You must cancel your order before it ships. If the item is already sent please use our easy return system to get a full refund -Ā contact usĀ to start this process.

    We create long-lasting pieces crafted with care. If you are not 100% satisfied with your jewellery, we offer a 365-Day Warranty to replace or refund any pieces that donā€™t meet expectations. Just reach out to us atĀ info@pixiewing.comĀ with a photo and description of the issue and we will make things right for you.

    Please note that discolouration, oxidation, and tarnishing are all inherent and inevitable characteristics of plated jewellery that can occur over time. However, we stand behind our quality and believe that with proper care, your pieces should last.

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