One of our core values.

Measuring Our Impact.

Staying true to our Core Values is what drives us. Our aim is to mitigate our environmental impact.

The jewellery industry is historically problematic when it comes to human rights and environmental issues. We're committed to helping redefine the jewellery sector for good. We work hard to nurture strong supplier relationships, giving us a comprehensive understanding of material origin, processing, and working conditions.

Transparency & Traceability.

Accountability for the lifecycle of materials and crafting process is fundamental.

Traceability and transparency are key to sustainable practices. Within this industry, one of the challenges is the number of stages involved in bringing raw materials to your door in the form of stunning, sustainable jewellery. But we're not backing down from the challenge.

We're continuously working to establish processes that improve the traceability of our materials, all the way from the mine (or recycle plant) to your doorstep. We believe that accountability is the future of modern luxury, and we're proud to be one of those leading the way.

Carbon Offsetting.

We offset at least 100% of the carbon emitted from shipping our jewellery to your door.

Recyclable Packaging.

Our packaging is 100% recyclable and encourages repurposing.

Slow Fashion.

Our pieces are designed to transcend the fickle nature of high-street fashion & are made to last a lifetime.