We're on a mission to remove ring anxiety.

Born out of necessity.

Pixie Wing emerged under the innovative vision of Poppy, a surgical trainee turned pioneering entrepreneur. Recognising the universal challenge of safeguarding precious rings during moments that demand practicality (in her case, the operating theatre), Poppy was propelled to engineer the ultimate solution that outperformed any competition.

Quality. Function. Aesthetic.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Poppy took inspiration from the meticulous standards of medical instruments she used daily. The result? The Ring Keeper Necklaces - indispensable tools for the modern professional that refuse to compromise on quality, function or aesthetic.

Signature style.

Infused with a passion for Scandinavian design, Poppy's vision was clear: to blend minimalist elegance with practical sophistication. Through careful selection and partnership with a leading premium jewellery designer, the Ring Keeper Necklaces emerged - symbols of aesthetic purity and functionality.

Designed for the doers.

Today, Pixie Wing stands as a testament to perseverance, exceptional craftsmanship, and the refusal to settle for the ordinary. Adopted by thousands, from the dynamic corridors of hospitals to the vibrant energy of gyms and culinary spaces, our Ring Keeper Necklaces have become the emblem of ambition for the passionate, the professionals, and the pioneers.

We're for the trailblazers who craft their own stories - not just a necklace, but a symbol of excellence, ambition and the journey ahead.

Which one will you choose?